energy management

18-25% savings for businesses adopting energy efficiency measures

A report by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has revealed that businesses that adopt energy efficiency measures could save anywhere between 18% and 25% on their energy bills. This comes after it was revealed that 31% of FSB members had said that energy costs were preventing them from growing.

One Day Energy Manager

The salary of an experienced energy manager in the UK is in the region of £40k-£50k per annum. As we enter an era of high energy prices and increasing carbon reduction legislation there is a need to effectively manage energy either in-house or by using energy consultants.

How the One Day Energy Manager works?

One of our expert energy consultants will work with your company to ensure you are kept up to date with all aspects of energy management to continually improve your operating efficiency.

Glasgow Airport saves £11,000 in energy costs

Glasgow Airport has announced that it has saved £11,000 on its energy usage by implamenting energy management measures. The measures included switching to energy efficient vending machines and LED lighting throughout the site. Almost 600 staff were also trained in energy efficiency, which will help to keep day to day energy waste costs at a minimum.

68% of employees want to be more energy efficient at work

Over half of UK employees have stated that they want to be more energy efficient at work. With the leisure and hospitality industry’s scoring the highest with 82% of their employees wanting to save energy while at work.