Winter energy supplies secure, says National Grid

This years National Grid Winter Outlook has revealed that supplies will be secure throughout the winter. The Winter Outlook is a report that is regarded as a key indicator for the UK’s energy supply and if there was any concerns regarding supply, it would show up in the report.

The report indicated that the buffer between supply and demand will be ‘tight but manageable’, which comes as a great relief to many in the industry who had feared for supply security over winter 15-16. The National Grid has said that demand is expected to peak in mid December at around 54GW, with 70GW of generation capacity available.

Gas demand has been forecast as the same as last winter, however, more supply options are available this year from the UK Continental Shelf and Norway. There is still some uncertainty in the gas market, with the Groningen Field in the Netherlands having issues.

There has been a lot of critics of the UK governments energy policies, with the Labour shadow energy and climate change secretary, Lisa Nandy, stating that although UK energy supplies are secure for the coming winter, the UK has the lowest spare power capacity for over a decade. The Labour shadow energy and climate change secretary believes this would have been completely avoidable had the government not undertook a full blown assault on renewable energy.