Will ministers come to an agreement at the COP21 Conference?

Final meetings will be held today at the COP21 Conference where ministers from countries throughout the world will attempt to come to an agreement. The conference so far has seen a split of opinions, on one side are richer countries who are in agreement that everything possible must be done to protect the climate, and on the other side poorer countries say that they want to do their part, but not if it affects their growth.

In the past countries have been split into two types; developed and developing. The truth is that now the world is a much more complex place with multiple different types of country. Taking China as an example they are now the second largest economy in the world, however, have huge numbers of their population living in poverty.

The document as it stands has more that 900 areas of disagreement over 48 pages, leaving ministers with a lot of work to do to reach an agreement. It has still not been agreed whether it will be a legally binding agreement forcing countries to act.

Although the majority of countries can agree upon not allowing temperatures to rise by 2 degrees, many island nations argue that if temperatures were to rise by more than 1.5 degrees the sea level would rise above them, destroying homes.

With so many issues still left unsolved, many people are starting to wonder if all countries will actually come to an agreement, or if a watered down version will be agreed upon, which will not really affect climate change at all.