Smart energy set to have a huge impact on the UK’s energy system

The National Grid has talked about a smart energy revolution in recent weeks, but what is smart energy and how will it have an affect on the UK’s energy system? In recent years technology advances in the energy industry have been accelerating dramatically and it is hoped that these advances will reduce the UK’s need to build more power stations.

What is smart energy?

As technology advances in the energy industry, businesses and households are becoming more interlinked with the UK’s energy system. This will allow businesses and households to use more energy in off peak times when energy is cheap and less energy at peak times when energy is more expensive. An example of this would be a machine in a business that turns on automatically when the wind in the UK is high.

Households in the UK could expect their fridge and freezer to turn off for short periods of time during peak times, which wouldn’t affect temperatures but would save households money.

Experts in the industry are calling it the energy internet, where all appliances and machines will be connected to the grid allowing them to be switched off remotely to reduce spikes and save consumers money.

How would this affect the UK’s energy system?

It is believed that the use of smart energy in the UK could smooth out between 30% and 50% of fluctuations on the electricity grid. This would mean less blackouts for the UK and less of a need for new power stations to be built.