Scottish Power suggests storing more power in water

Energy giant Scottish Power is planning on doubling its energy storage facilities because of a huge increase in demand due to renewable energy. As the amount of energy coming from renewables such as wind power increases, the demand for electricity storage also increases. This is due to wind turbines creating the same amount of electricity at night as they do during the day, however, electricity demand is much higher during the day.

Scottish Power’s  Cruachan power plant in Scotland pumps water uphill during the night then allows the water to flow downhill during the day to generate electricity. They believe building a new dam in front of the current dam could add 400 megawatts of on demand electricity to the national grid at a cost of £300 million.

It is believed that as the UK’s electricity generation makeup becomes more comprised of renewables, more pumped hydro plants will be required throughout the UK. In 2014 wind power accounted for 8% of the UK’s electricity generation, and that percentage is expected to increase as new offshore wind farms are built.