Scotland fail to hit emissions target for fourth year in a row

A recent report has revealed that Scotland has failed to hit its carbon emission reduction targets for the fourth year in a row. The Scottish Climate Change Act requires emissions to be cut by 42% by 2020 and 80% by 2050. These targets are based on cuts made from 1990 levels of carbon emissions.

In their defence the Scottish government has stated that the only reason they have failed to hit the target is because they were so ambitious, and climate change campaigners fear that they will lower the targets in order to save face. They also state that although Scotland has failed to hit the targets, they have cut more emissions than other countries in the UK.

The Scottish Labour Party and Liberal Democratic Party have criticised the SNP stating that they have had six years now to put policies in place to hit the targets, and that the consequences of not hitting the targets meant that almost an extra 10 million tonnes of greenhouse gases had passed into the atmosphere.