New well to be drilled at York Gas Field

A fourth well is to be drilled at York Gas Field by Centrica, who have invested £80 million to extract gas from the field till 2020. The additional well will allow Centrica to access an additional 20 billion cubic feet of gas, which is enough to heat half a million homes throughout the year.

There will also be a new gas compressor installed allowing Centrica to gain access to an additional 10 billion cubic feet of gas. It is believed the project will be completed early 2016 with the gas that is collected piped to Easington terminal. It will then be processed at Easington terminal and sent to the national grid.

In April 2015 the UK government set up the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) in an attempt to aid the recovery of the North Sea oil and gas industry from falling oil prices. The OGA has overall regulatory powers over the North Sea oil and gas industry and the government believe this will help boost investment. They will point to investments such as this by Centrica as an example that their plans are working.