New London Mayor calls for action against air pollution

The new Mayor of London has filed legal documents and will give evidence against the UK Government over air pollution in the capital. The case against the Government is due to their lack of action against air pollution and will be the second time environmental lawyers from ClientEarth have launched legal procedures.

London Mayor Sadiq Kahn has joined the battle because he believes the Government should have more incorporated into their Air Quality Plan (AQP) that would help the capital clean up its air.

This is the second time since taking office that Mayor Sadiq Kahn has attacked air quality in the capital, after he recently accused former Mayor Boris Johnson of hiding evidence of poor air quality while he was in office. Boris Johnson denies the allegations and states that he had made the results in question public and had even made a speech about the matter.

This is an issue very close to the heart of Mayor Sadiq Kahn, as he suffers from adult onset asthma, which can be caused by high levels of air pollution. Environmental groups say this is a perfect example of how damaging air pollution can be and it about time the Government took action. If ClientEarth are successful with this second lawsuit, it would force the Governments hand to take action.