Demand for electric vehicles in the UK rises

A report by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has revealed that demand for electric vehicles has risen in the UK. The rise in demand is thought to be in the region of 50% with demand for plug-in hybrids also increasing.

Since the Government launched the Plug in Car Grant Scheme, where they offer a grant of £5,000 to help with the costs of electric vehicles, 47,600 of the vehicles have been registered in the UK. The growth in this area of the market is very exiting for the industry, and many hope that one day electric vehicles will be challenging their petrol and diesel counterparts.

Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles (AFV), which are any vehicles where the engine does not involve only petroleum, also rose by 40.3%. With all of the new technology coming onto the market, the car industry is changing at a rapid pace. We now have the most fuel efficient and high tech cars that have ever been manufactured on our roads, and that is only set to get better over the coming years.

The UK Government had announced at last years COP21 Conference that it will aim to have all of its passenger vehicles changed to electric vehicles by 2050, and it is steps like this that are helping push electric vehicles into the mainstream market.