Cuadrilla granted permit to frack in Lancashire

The UK Government has approved plans for Cuadrilla to start fracking in Lancashire. This comes after a promise to make faster decisions on fracking applications as the Government attempts to kick start the UK’s fracking industry.

Cuadrilla are a Lancashire based company founded in 2007 that focus on the discovery and exploration of natural recourses in shale rock. The company has come under a lot a criticism from environmental groups since it was formed and has been subject to many protests by groups such as Green Piece at their sites and headquarters.

In 2015 the UK Government promised to support the fracking industry after a number of reports by fracking companies showed the UK sits on an abundance of shale gas and oil. Although this was heavily criticised, the decision to approve Cuadrilla’s proposal shows the Government are still pushing on with this support.

The shale gas and oil industry is already very well established in the United States, which will become a net exporter of oil again in the next 5 years. Energy experts hope that the UK will also be able to take advantage of these resources.

Fracking at the Lancashire site could start as early as August once a number of financial checks have been completed on Cuadrilla.