Climate change to put considerable pressure on energy sector

It has been suggested by the World Energy Council that the energy sector will be put under considerable pressure over the coming decades because of climate change. The number of extreme weather events has increased by over 400% from 1980 to 2014, and it is because of statistics such as this that the World Energy Council are warning the energy sector.

It is believed that heavy investment in infrastructure will be required to prepare the energy sector for events such as extreme heat or cold. However, it is clear that the majority of this investment must come from the private sector with public sector spending limited. If this is to be achieved the government must make it more appealing for private sector companies to invest in electricity and gas infrastructure.

The UK energy sector need to be prepared for freak weather such as the tidal waves in Japan in 2011 which caused the fukushima disaster. The Tsunami caused the nuclear power plants cooling system to shut down, which in turn caused radioactive material to leak. This also meant the power plant was offline for a considerable amount of time putting strain on their power grid.

With a combination of planning and investment it is believed that the UK can be more that capable of keeping the population supplied with gas and electricity during freak weather caused by climate change.