Calls for more energy efficiency grants in the UK

A new survey has revealed that over half of businesses in the UK feel more grants should be available to make their business more energy efficient. The same survey also found that only a small percentage of businesses believed that more information  would be beneficial and an even smaller percentage believed that financial options such as loans would help.

The survey which was published by British Gas and the British Chambers of Commerce also found that businesses believe tax breaks would encourage them to become more energy efficient. However, industry experts say that the possibility to reduce energy expenditure should be a sufficient incentive. Energy is a large expenditure for the majority of businesses in the UK, especially businesses involved in manufacturing.

The results from the survey also showed that a lot of businesses do not believe that investing in energy efficiency would actually save them money, with 15% of those surveyed citing ‘‘marginal levels of savings’’ as the reason they don’t currently invest. The second largest barrier to businesses investing in energy efficiency was other investments taking priority.

The British Chambers of Commerce have said that the survey provides evidence that the Government should be providing more financial aid to businesses. If more grants were available, more businesses would be implementing energy efficiency within their business.