Boris Johnson plans to make London the ultra low emission capital of Europe

The London Mayor and Uxbridge MP Boris Johnson has announced his plans to make London the Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) capitol of Europe. The plans include developing areas of certain boroughs where ULEV’s will be able to gain access to preferential parking and charges. It is believed that this will create an incentive for people to but the vehicles, with them being able to park closer to their destination for a cheaper price.

It is believed that the discounts for ULEV’s will continue to the congestion charges, which are £11.50 per day. This could equate to a saving of £2990 per year for people who work in the capital 5 days a week.

Under the plans the Mayor is wanting to accelerate the amount of ULEV’s being purchased, and could possible offer subsidies for people wanting to purchase them. This all comes just a month after London was criticised for having some of the worst air pollution in Europe.