41 million EV’s forecast to be sold by 2040

A new study has revealed that electric vehicles (EV’s) will represent around 35% of new car sales around the world by 2040. This comes on the same day a separate report revealed that 80% of Londoners said they would consider going green.

In 2015 EV’s represented only 1% of new car sales globally, however, that is expected to dramatically increase over the coming decades. It is believed that EV’s could represent a quarter of all cars on the roads by 2040, which would displace approximately 13 million barrels of oil per day. Some critics do point to the fact that the vehicles would require a huge amount of electricity, which would need to come from renewable sources if EV’s are to lower carbon emissions. As the price of lithium batteries decreases and the technology advances, EV’s are becoming a much more attractive alternative to petrol and diesel vehicles.

In London the level of air pollution is causing a lot of problems, with 40,000 deaths every year relating to diseases caused by severe air pollution. With this in mind, there is now a growing concern about the affects of air pollution in London.

If electric vehicles can shake off their reputation of being slow and expensive, which is now not the case, we could see the majority of cars on the roads by the middle of the century powered by electricity.