18-25% savings for businesses adopting energy efficiency measures

A report by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has revealed that businesses that adopt energy efficiency measures could save anywhere between 18% and 25% on their energy bills. This comes after it was revealed that 31% of FSB members had said that energy costs were preventing them from growing.

Key obstacles were also identified by companies as to why they are not committing to being more energy efficient, with almost half of FSB members saying that they are in rented premises, so have their hands tied. The report also found that if tax relief was given to businesses, they would be more likely to become more energy efficient.

This report comes six months after the FSB announced that 90% of its members want to be more energy efficient. Putting both of these studies together it shows that businesses are wanting to be more energy efficient and that the incentive is there for them in the form of savings on energy.

Energy efficiency doesn’t have to be a huge initial expense for smaller businesses, with schemes such as the One Day Energy Manager available. The One Day Energy Manager allows businesses to employ an experienced energy manager for between half a day and a day per month, giving them the ability to draw up a detailed energy efficiency plan at the fraction of the price of employing an energy manager themselves.