Energy Procurement

Being on the wrong energy contract will significantly disadvantage your business.  

At Square One Utilities, our energy procurement service ensures our customers benefit from the best energy contract for their specific business requirements. 

Our unique methodologies and reporting tools keep track of your energy contracts and the volatile energy market conditions to ensure that your business is benefiting from the best deals at any given time. 

We are proud of our enviable reputation for being a highly ethical company with full transparency and standards of the highest degree.

Our customers are safe in the knowledge that we go to great lengths to provide the best possible package of services to suit their needs and do not design an offering around what best suits the needs of a broker or supplier.

Our energy procurement experts (What is energy procurement) also become your key contacts for any energy supplier related issues, reducing your time in dealing with multiple providers. In addition to this, our energy management consultants are available to assist you in driving down your energy usage – generating ongoing savings on your water, gas and electricity bills.

Contact one of our team members today for a complementary review of your existing utility accounts and to find out more about our energy procurement services.