Business Energy Consultants UK

Square One Utilities was launched in 2004 by co-founders Michael Harkus and Karen Bays.

With a wealth of experience behind them, the company has grown to offer a range of energy businesses solutions that enable their customers to keep their energy and water costs as low as possible.

Square One pride themselves in offering a highly ethical and customer driven service in the Business Energy Consultant market.

Being an extremely volitile market place, prices of energy flucuate rapidly. This tied with businesses using more energy and water than necessary, means that utility bills tend to be much higher than necessary.

Square One, with a mix of their expertise, unique methodologies and technology, ensure that their customers keep in control of water and energy costs, whilst also benefiting from the changes in the pricing from the market.

The three key services, energy procurement, energy management and water management, allow Square 1 to provide a full value service to it's customers - ensuring that the money they spend on their utilities is kept to a minimum.

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